A La Carte Menu Summer 2017

Paymasters Cafe

Appetizer Breads


Roast Garlic Bruschetta: fresh tomato, red onion & basil pesto,

Mozzarella and balsamic (2pcs) ~ 11.6


Trio of dips: with lightly baked sourdough (2pcs) ~ 9.9


Marinated Olives: served with toasted sourdough ~ 8.9




Garlic Prawns: (gf option) Sauteed king prawns in a creamy garlic sauce, served spilling out of a filo pastry basket, topped with crispy prosciutto

Entree ~ 21.9 or Main ~ 35.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B Symphonia Petit Manseng King Valley Vic


Crumbed Goats Cheese Croquettes: Shaved fennel, celery & radish salad, Beetroot chutney ~ 19.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) 2015 Tyrrells Chardonnay Hunter Valley


Veal Carpaccio: Horseradish ice cream, shaved parmesan and roasted hazelnut ~ 21.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Comyns & Co  2016 Fiano Hunter valley


Nori Scallops: (gf) Scallops rolled in nori, wakame seaweed, soy jelly, wasabi mayo & daikon Entree ~ 21.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Scarborough Vermintino


Korean Braised Pork Belly: Korean style sticky braised pork belly, Kimchi salad

Entree ~ 21.90 or Main ~ 35.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Fireblock Reisling

Black Mussels: steamed south Australian black mussels, chilli & garlic butter and toasted sourdough ~ 21.90

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Fishcage sparkling chardonnay



Gnocchi: Hand rolled Sweet potato gnocchi, chorizo, chilli, charred red onion bococcini mozzarella & basil ~ 35.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (b) Octave pinot grigio


Pan Fried Salmon: (gf) Braised fennel & tomato risotto, lemon olive oil ~ 36.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Capel Vale debut sauvignon Blanc Semillon


Roast Lamb Rump: (gf) Minted pea puree, fondant potato & confit mushrooms ~ 38.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Chapel Hill Cabernet Sauvignon


Braised beef brisket: (gf) roast Chat potatoes, beans, button mushrooms, roast garlic & salsa verde ~ 38.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Kalleske Moppa Shiraz


Confit Duck maryland: (gf) celeriac puree, dauphinoise potato, braised red cabbage & red wine glaze ~ 38.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Toa Pinot Noir Central Otago NZ


Roast Chicken: (gf) Persian inspired half roast chicken, carrot puree, dutch carrots, Turkish fig & pomegranate ~ 34.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Ra Nui Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough


Fresh Market Fish of the Day

Served on a roast capsicum pesto & sun dried tomato linguini ~ 35.9



Cauliflower with 3 cheese au gratin ~ 9.9

Steamed Brocollini (gf) with almond butter ~ 9.9

Sweet potato wedges (gf) with smoked paprika salt ~ 8.9

Garden Salad (gf) with French dressing ~ 9.9

Vegetarian Menu - Vegan all dishes available on request

Tofu Salad: (gf) Greek salad of tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olive, feta and oregano & olive oil ~ Entree 15.9 or Main 26.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Tomick Up, Up and Away Rose SA


Potato Gnocchi: (gf option) Hand rolled sweet potato gnocchi, chilli, charred red onion, bocconcini mozzarella & basil

Entree ~ 21.90 or Main ~ 35.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) Fireblock Reisling


Field Mushroom: (gf) Roast garlic field mushroom, wilted spinach, salsa verde & sundried tomatoes Main ~ 28.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) First creek Moscato


Braised fennel and tomato risotto, shaved parmesan lemon olive oil Main ~ 26.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) 2015 Tyrrells Chardonnay Hunter Valley


Roast Mediterranean Vegetable En Croute (v option), rocket, shaved parmesan and balsamic reduction

Main ~ 26.9

Wine Match ~ (g) or (B) 2015 Ra Nui Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough     


Desserts ~ all 15.9


Aussie Mess: (gf)  mango, kiwi & passion fruit, Raspberry Sorbet,  Chantilly cream & meringue


Rhubarb compote: rhubarb gel, green apple sorbet vegan meringue & almond praline


Chocolate orange bavarois : vanilla ice cream, honey comb and shaved chocolate


Salted caramel cheesecake, white chocolate, salted fudge, hazelnut praline & popcorn


Mature cheddar: (gf option) caramelized onion chutney, fresh grapes, celery,  & house made, garlic & rosemary lavosh


First Creek Botrytis Semillon(g) ~ 9.5

Frogmore Creek Iced Reisling(g) ~ 9.5



Short Black, Long Black, Macchiato, Piccolo   ~  $3.70

Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate  ~   $3.90

Mocha, Vienna, Chai    ~   $4.10

Tea (see staff for available selection)    ~  $4.90